My brothers and I swam the 9.5 mile (15.3 km) length of Loch broom in memory of my Grandma Wild, who had passed away a few years earlier.

Many other family members joined in for various stretches of the swim, and a group of boats and kayaks accompanied us along the way. Other members of the local community that had known Grandma Wild, her old friends and neighbours, also paddled alongside, and the swim became an event that knitted together the collective memory of a well loved person.

Grandma is buried in Clachan church at the head of the Loch Broom, so we swam to the end then (once we had warmed up) all visited her grave together.


Lexies house is a converted shepherds bothy halfway up the mountains that border Loch Broom. It is a place that my brothers and I have been coming to our entire life, and the place that we stayed after the swim.



These sketches are all taken from a sketchbook that I completed during a stay up in Lexies at Grandma’s in the Highlands. They

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